Before you yell at me…read the comments in this article. This image of a mailer was sent to me by three people last night…and all of them are Democrats…and many of them were confused or upset with the imagery….so it is not just me…it is people telling me about it…because I do not live in district 9B …so otherwise I would never know about this mailer…so…with all of that being said…off I go…

This is a mailer sent out to many (or at least 3 that told me about it) with an image of Courtney Watson (Democrat candidate for Maryland State Delegate in District 9B) in a photo with our current Governor (Larry Hogan) and our current County Executive (Allan Kittleman) – both Republicans…and Jon Weinstein (a Democrat who has formally endorsed Allan Kittleman in the race for County Executive).

Again, I do not live in District 9B (I live in District 13 for delegate and senate…and district 3 for Howard County Council…the most boring general election districts in this election cycle in Howard County)…so I do not see every mailer in that district….but I have to ask the following questions…are there recent mailers out there with Courtney Watson and Ben Jealous?….Are there recent mailers out there with Courtney Watson and Calvin Ball? I honestly do not know…but if not…and this one is out there…and the recent polling….you have to ask yourself (as I did early this morning)…has Watson given up on Ben Jealous and Calvin Ball this election cycle and decided that imagery with Hogan and Kittleman in a mailer might be better in her district (seriously a swing district in Howard County) right now? Has she decided to distance herself a little bit in order to win her district? I don’t know…but I am asking the question (and not the only one asking this question).

To be fair…if there is a mailer with photos of Bob Flanagan with Calvin Ball and/or Jen Terrasa or Brian Frosh (or any other democrats significantly featured)…send it to me now…I will be happy to write a similar article to this one…because that to me would be the equivalent of the imagery in this mailer.

I know this…just based on those that messaged me on social media and on email….there are democrats here in Howard County asking similar questions based on this mailer.

I am also wondering what Ben Jealous and Calvin Ball think of this mailer? I know I will not hear back from them about this (local bloggers don’t rate high enough for comments on these type of articles)…but dang I would love to be a fly on the wall of their office today when they hear about it.

Look….there are lots of weird mailers out and about this election cycle…I get them messaged to me from time to time (especially democrats with photos of Governor Hogan or Governor Hogan sending mailers out with photos of him with democrats)…someone sent me one just the other day and I decided not to write it up….but this one hits close to home…and I got it from many people…so I thought it noteworthy enough to publish.

As an Independent (or moderate Democrat or moderate Republican…depending on the issue)…it is not an issue for me….the question is…are you cool with it? This election season has been the most divided I have ever seen (that is me talking as someone that watches this stuff)…so I feel like I have to ask the question again…are you good with this imagery?

I emailed Courtney Watson EARLY this morning and told her I would hold off until 10:00am before I published my article…and asked for a comment about the mailer.

She sent me this full imagery of the mailer:

Courtney Watson sent me the following statement for the article:

“This is my story of our community working together to assist people in the aftermath of the 2016 flood.

The night of the flood, I started a community supply donation and distribution effort that was in place for more than 90 days to help people affected in our historic town. My efforts,and those of many others, were later recognized by the Governor and County Executive. The point of the mailer is how our community came together and how I have worked hard as a citizen, and will continue to work hard for our town as state delegate in district 9B.

I support Dr. Calvin Ball 100% as our next County Executive, we have worked together for many years, and I believe he will be an excellent executive and particularly strong on education, an area in which Howard County cannot afford to backslide any further.”

I literally just got this statement and now updating this article. Obviously my statement before about giving up on Calvin Ball is not correct based on her statement to me above…but the optics in the mailer made the question worth asking…and that question I am sure has been asked and will be asked going forward for those that see the mailer.

I may be making a big deal out of something that is not a big deal at all…I am curious what you think…so please feel free to comment on social media …I am guessing I will get a few comments.

Scott E


  1. Gets what done? Flood 2011. Nothing done. Flood 2016 fought with preservationists in her family against mitigation.
    Ditto 2018. Took campaign donations from developers Taylor and Waverly throughout her career. Later took campaign donations from those who called old EC residents and business owners murderers for rebuilding.
    Delegate Flanagan gave us unemployment easements and property tax exemptions and was literally digging us out and cleaning. There is no choice here. All the folks in this ad of hers have endorsed….Delegate Flanagan.

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