I am going to start this post by saying that the Howard County Police Department has great social media outreach to citizen on Facebook and Twitter. Their daily updates, posts about items to the local community are among the best in our community…and I for one appreciate it. They are also open with followers when they are experiencing problems that we should know about…like when their phones stop working. Here is a post from Twitter (this was also posted to Facebook) at 1:04pm today:

That is not good…good that they told us on social media…but bad that those phone lines are down. This is not the first time I have seen this outage…here are some post from back in August:

and this the next day:

Should these not be lines that we should expect to never go offline…or have redundancies so that if something happens there are some type of roll-over lines? Now yes, I know these are not the 911 lines…but still you would think you would not see these type of outages.

I think the one reported today was surprising because of this recent post:

So I guess we are spending funds on a new communication center for 911…but maybe we should spend some money to ensure that when we call the police department we can get through to them and not have to fill up the 911 queues with non-emergency requests (as is being suggested now that the regular lines are down).

This is in no way a ding on our wonderful police department…this is a call to our county government officials and elected officials to look into these problems and provide the funding (or whatever else is needed) to correct this issue…whatever the issue may be…because obviously there is something causing these outages.

That is my rant for the day. Hopefully we get an update from someone via social media on what is going to happen to resolve this going forward in the very near future.

Scott E

Update: The lines were reported back online at 2:30pm…again, great communication from HCPD!!!