Endorsements down the stretch of a competitive race are good..even better when they are turned into commercials. Both Allan Kittleman and Calvin Ball have released YouTube videos which are making the rounds on social media and may be on TV in the near future…especially as we get closer and closer to early voting (starting on October 25th). Here are the commercials that I have seen recently:

Allan Kittleman:

Calvin Ball:

I like both videos. Kittleman’s video is 30 seconds and Ball’s video is 54 seconds (but he does have two people in it…so double the length).

Do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

The big question is…when do we start seeing these on TV in the local market? I have not seen them yet (but to be fair, I record most of my shows and do my best to skip over most commercials).

If you have (or do in the future) see these…let me know when and on what channels. I would be interested in knowing.

Scott E