It has been a WHILE since I have written about social media outreach in the various local races…so I thought I would write one this morning (and maybe more coming before early voting)…if for no other reason…than to remind candidates to stay active with followers.

Here are the Facebook outreach numbers over the past week:

Total followers:

  • Sabina Taj holds a healthy advantage with total number of page followers.
  • No candidate has added many new followers recently.


  • Vicky Cutroneo has been the most active…with 30 posts in the last 7 days. That is a lot of posts.
  • Good activity from Jen Mallo (10 posts), Sabina Taj (7 posts) and Danny Mackey (5 posts) over the past week.
  • Everyone else needs to pick it up a little bit.

Engagement (likes, share and comments):

  • No surprise that Vicky Cutroneo leads this category…with that many posts…you are going to get decent activity.
  • The other active candidates (Mallo, Taj and Mackey) all had decent activity numbers.

Engagement vs posts vs followers (this is something new I am looking at…I take the amount of engagement and divide it by the number of posts and then divide that number by the number of followers you page has…and this gives us a breakdown of really how engaging your page is). As there were only four active candidates over the past week…those will be the only four I will look at:

  • Taj (0.022 real engagement)
  • Mackey (0.033 real engagement)
  • Cutroneo (0.031 real engagement)
  • Mallo (0.048 real engagement)

Now that we are in the home stretch…all candidates should be active on social media (for GOTV efforts if nothing else) and should be taking some of that money they have raised and use it for campaign social media ads. Name recognition is a key factor in this race.

Scott Ewart