So I have been debating if I should write this post or not…and this morning…I decided yep…lets do it…

A buddy of mine posted this pic on Facebook with the caption “The lady running for States Attorney in Howard County thought this was a good idea lol.”…now while I will not say who posted it…I thought the content of the social media post would make a good post for the blog. He tagged me in the post…so I stole it…and he got a lot of interesting comments in his social media feed.

Optics are important in elections….and I can see the good and bad with the optics of this….

Now on the bad side….you have a campaign sign associated with a bunch of beer signs…some will look down on that (not me of course….but some people will).

On the good side…I know the location of this signage…out on 108…an area many drive by…and in a race like Howard County State’s Attorney…name recognition is key…and a great many people who’s eye gets caught by the sale on Bud Light (and other beers) will also see your name…so somewhat a great idea. It also says the owner of the establishment supports you as a candidate.

It also appears (if you look closely)…the campaign sign is on both sides…so you catch traffic from both directions 108.

I am curious what others think. I have my opinion of the location of the sign…but what do you think? Is this good placement of the signage or bad? (do not tell me your political leanings in this race…but I am looking for feedback on the placement of the sign).

Feel free to let me know in the comments or on the comments on Facebook.

Scott E