I thought I would share campaign videos from both candidates running for Howard County Executive (Allan Kittleman and Calvin Ball). If you have not seen them yet…here is what you might see on TV or social media between now and election day:
Allan Kittleman: a 30 second advertisement obviously made for TV. I have also seen this on social media. Video published in April 2018.

Calvin Ball: a 35 second advertisement. Not sure if this was made to be a future TV spot or not but I have seen it on social media. Video published in September 2018.

I think both campaigns did a good job with these videos. Both are short and to the point (important for videos in my opinion).
Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.
I will be looking over some of the other local races and sharing videos that I come across (for those that have YouTube channels).
Scott E


  1. Interesting ads. It seems like a microcosm of Hogan/Jealous, where one wants to keep down the same path (Kittleman) and the other wants change (Ball).
    Thanks for ALL that you do Scott.

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