Maryland Matters posted an article yesterday outlining information from the most recent polling in the Howard County Executive Race between Allan Kittleman and Calvin Ball:

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman (R) has opened up a comfortable lead over his Democratic challenger, according to an independent poll released Friday.

This was interesting. I live in District 3…and not sure I would ever categorize it as a “swing district”. When was the last time a GOP candidate even ran for County Council in this district? While I would categorize District 5 as “heavily Republican”…not sure I would categorize District 1 as that…if anything, District 1 is our “swing” district (I am assuming that the writer meant district one as it is not specifically noted in the article).
I have not seen the raw data from the polling…but based on what was reported…I really want to see it. I am interested in the D1 and D3 numbers… especially the D1 numbers…because that could be telling on what may happen in that County Council race. If anyone has that information…send it along and I will be sure to share with my readers. (update – here is the link I was looking for:
You can read the full article here:
This is a stark contrast the the other polling data written about a couple of weeks ago: Close Race Between Kittleman and Ball (Kittleman – 38%, Ball – 35.2%).
I did find it interesting that the polling numbers in this race are pretty darn close to the polling numbers from the Goucher Poll in the Governor race (Hogan – 54% and Jealous – 32%).
November is getting closer everyday…and both of these campaigns and supporters are out and about at events, door knocking and spending time with a variety of voter outreach efforts. I still expect this race to be close…and turn out the vote efforts will be the deciding factor.
Scott E