Not sure if you have seen these stories today…but they all seem to have a common theme…things are not wonderful between Ben Jealous (candidate for governor in Maryland) and a few Maryland news outlets.
The first one I noticed today was this story:

No response from Jealous camp about why H-M reporter was vetoed from debate panel. Here is an excerpt from that story:

Campaign officials for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous are still mum on their reasoning for apparently vetoing Herald-Mail Media’s statehouse reporter from serving as a panelist at next week’s debate.

Read the full article here:
The second one was this:

Commentary: Jealous attacks as “right-wing blog”. Here is an excerpt from that story:

In a public radio interview Tuesday, Ben Jealous, the Democratic nominee for governor, attacked as “a right-wing blog that’s funded by right-wing donors that like to scare people.”

Read the full article here:
And the 3rd thing I noticed was this on Twitter just a bit ago:
If you don’t know who @trifalatzas is…here ya go:

So the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Baltimore Sun might be “reconsidering our participation in Monday’s gubernatorial debate“…this is pretty significant. Obviously I will be watching to see what the Baltimore Sun does in the end.
Now spread out over time…these are not big deals…but all in one day….that is noteworthy. Go read the full stories and do your own research….that is why I provide links and screenshots.
Scott E
Felt like I had to update the post with this information:
So he has backtracked or re-thought the situation and removed his veto of the reporter on the panel at the event. That is good…but maybe a little to late for the negative press he got all day today.