I have written about the importance of the HCEA endorsement in the past…and they just gave their 4th endorsement of the 2018 cycle…and Jen Mallo is the recipient of that endorsement.
The HCEA endorsements were big in the 2016 election and in the 2018 primary. All 3 candidates in 2016 that were endorsed by the HCEA (Coombs, Delmont-Small and Ellis) won their races and in the 2018 primary the 3 candidates endorsed received the most votes of all candidates. The candidates endorsed by the HCEA are:

  • Vicky Cutroneo
  • Bob Glascock
  • Robert Miller
  • and now – Jen Mallo

I did a podcast with the HCEA during the primary about the 3 endorsements they gave in the primary…you can listen to it here. I reached out to Colleen Morris (President of the HCEA) for a quote about this endorsement and she sent me the following:

Jen Mallo has dedicated her time and talents to our schools system for the past two decades. She has built reading closets for our elementary students, supported staff through her volunteerism and advocacy, and payed close attention to the budgetary needs of the system. The HCPSS community will be well represented with Jen on the Board.

Jen Mallo finished 5th in the primary…the big question is will this endorsement be enough to move up into the top 4 in the general election? One thing is for sure…it will not hurt.
There are other candidates I am keeping a close eye on (Sabina Taj – finished 6th in the primary), Chao Wu (finished 4th in the primary), Danny Mackey (finished 7th in primary) and Anita Pandey (finished 8th in the primary). Any of these candidates could catch fire and leap frog one or more of the HCEA endorsed candidates noted above…so be sure to learn about all of the candidates.
Four candidates will be elected…top 2 vote recipients will get four year terms and the other 2 will get 2 year terms…so be sure to learn about all of the candidates and make the choice you think will serve our children here in Howard County the best.
Scott E

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