The People’s Voice – Ethics Ballot Endorsements Released For The General Election 2018

Hey look…you do get an actual news story form me this morning. I just saw this released on social media and it is something I thought my political readers would be interested in reading. Here is the text (from Facebook) that goes along with the image above:

Congratulations to The People’s Voice 2018 Howard County general election legislative endorsed candidates to The Ethics Ballot.

We were disappointed that Howard County Executive Candidate, Council Member Dr. Calvin Ball, wrote to us he would not be participating, would not be completing our questionnaire.

We subsequently did not endorse for County Executive by default, but instead, chose to do a comparison using voting records.

We will be posting the rest of the questionnaires, including County Executive Allan Kittleman’s, on the site, as well as an analysis and reasoning statement for each type of race, shortly. We will update when these are available.

Go learn more here:

Scott E

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