So I was told a couple of times that a buried the lead with my post yesterday…and that the real story was that Jon Weinstein formally endorsed Allan Kittleman for County Executive. Now while I understand what folks are saying…the driving force behind the post yesterday was to put to bed the speculation that Jon would be mounting a write in campaign (as soon as I saw something official on it). I know the Kittleman endorsement was an important item in the statement and I had planned on waiting to see some of the comments made on social media…and they were interesting.
I will start will County Executive Allan Kittleman: He posted the image I used at the top of the article and this on Facebook:

I went and looked for something from Calvin Ball…I have not seen anything specific to the announcement yet on his page as of this post. He did post this yesterday about campaigning in District 1 (which was a good idea):

The Howard County Democratic Central Committee released the following statement on Facebook (and in an email blast I received):

The Howard County Republican Club did not release a statement…they just shared the post from Allan Kittleman to their page.
I saw LOTS and LOTS of other comments on social media…some made public…others not…so I will let you all do your own research on the various comments…but to me it was a mix of folks upset by this announcement and others understanding it and even supporting it. If you get a chance (and are interested in that stuff)…go check out the various comments on the posts…the one that got a lot of comments from my article was in the Howard County MD Facebook group).
Endorsements are awesome…and every politician loves getting endorsements…but do they move the needle significantly? I guess that depends. This one may be good for Kitttleman as it relates to moderate Democrats and Independents in District 1…but at the end of the day this one endorsement will probably not have a significant outcome on the final election results. Get out the vote efforts will decide this election…and both sides (Kittleman and Ball) are working hard at those efforts based on what I have seen up to this point.
Now I am looking forward to reading the articles from the other local bloggers about this topic…you know more articles will be coming soon….and a couple already have:
First from Jason Booms:  On Weinstein, Walsh, and a CE Endorsement and from Julia McCready: Better or Worse?. Come on Bill Woodcock…we are waiting for your comments / post. (Update: Here is the post from The 53: The Weinstein Distraction! And…. #walshforone)
One of the comment threads mentioned a possible future podcasts with the local bloggers (like Jason, Julia, Bill and me)….how much fun would that be…especially on Elevate Maryland…the premier podcast in Howard County today…just sayin’…someone should make that happen.
Scott E


  1. Maybe you buried the lede on this again. You would have to ask yourself why Jon decided to publicly jump on the Allan Kittleman train. He basically has burned his bridges with the Democratic Party to make an endorsement which (as you say) barely makes any perceptible difference. So why would Jon do that? It seems that he is staging a return to the Republican party with the intent of running for County Executive in four years as a Republican.

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