No politics from me this morning…today I am writing a tribute to a good buddy…Bobby Joyner. He was one of my favorite people to talk sports with over the years and his passing this year hit many of us hard. He won our current fantasy football championship back in 2013…and in the 2014 draft….he walked in with a trophy, cool background music and a t-shirt announcing to everyone in the league that he was the defending champion. It was very awesome…and something we all made sure we strived for that season.
I decided that I would do something similar (being the defending champion of that league) to pay my own little tribute to Bobby. I picked up a trophy and a World Champs (WWE Style) belt…and named it after Bobby J for the league. Our draft was yesterday and the league got a kick out of it. The winner of the league this season will get the trophy and belt…and it is my own little way to keep Bobby J part of this league and part of our lives going forward.
Here are some of the players on my team this season: (No Tennessee Titans yet…but there is always free agency for me to pick one or two up later this season).

I wish all of my fellow league members good luck this year (cause y’all are going to need it…LOL). We will all keep Bobby J in our thoughts, prayers and continue to remember him as a good friend…even if he was a Cowboys fan.
Worry not…I will have more politics posts soon…but just thought I would do this today.
Scott E