On to the next evaluation…the race for Maryland State Senate in District 12. The Democratic primary was interesting…and I think this race could shape up to be as interesting.  Here is a summary of the latest campaign finance numbers for both candidates (Hooe and Lam):

So here are my observations with the latest numbers:

  • Raised more money this cycle than his opponent.
  • Had a very low spend rate – but did not have a primary opponent…so that helps keep spending to a minimum.
  • Has $2,321.15 in outstanding bills due.


  • Outspent his opponent…but was in a competitive primary and the spend amount seems appropriate.
  • Has $3,098.17 in outstanding bills due.
  • Has PAC money listed in “Contributions”
  • Received $600 from the Team 12 Slate account. He is on that slate…so no big shocker.
  • Took money from Maryland PACs ($700)
    • Association Of Maryland Pilots Political Action Committee, T – $250
    • Baltimore County Licensed Beverage Association PAC – $150
    • Hospital Association PAC, Maryland – $300

Lam has a decent advantage in cash on hand…but not hear the advantage he had in the last reporting cycle. I think this is an interesting race to watch…and I believe the race for Governor and County Executive in Howard and Baltimore Counties could play a role in the race…and I look back at how close the vote count was when both of these candidates ran for Delegate back in 2014 (less than 2,400 votes)…and that keeps me very interested in this race.
Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:
I am planning on a lot more reports in the coming days…so stay tuned.
Scott E