On to the next evaluation…this time we are looking at the candidates running for Maryland State Delegate in District 9A. Here is a summary of the latest campaign finance numbers for the four candidates (Miller, Kittleman, Bolen and Ziegler):

So here are some general observations with the latest numbers:

  • Miller has the most money…in a big way…actually more money on hand than the other three candidates combined.
  • Democratic candidates brought in a little more money this reporting period.

Some notable items in the reports:

  • $100 in outstanding bills due
  • Received $750 in PAC money
    • AGENTPAC Prof. Insurance Agents Assn – MD PAC – $250
    • Licensed Beverage Association PAC , Maryland State – $500


  • A few items in “Contributions” caught my eye: (not sure if this should be listed as PAC money or not)
    • Maryland Asphalt Association, Inc. – $250
    • MMTA – $250


  • $100 transfer in from “Ziegler, Natalie Friends of” – that is teamwork at its best.
  • The “Other Receipts and In-Kind Contributions” items are odd. They all look like they should be in “Expenditures”…but I am not a campaign finance expert and maybe there is a reason that they are not listed in that category…the total amount was $2,414.44 and all from the candidate.


  • A few items in “Contributions” caught my eye: (not sure if this should be listed as PAC money or not)
    • Communication Workers of America, Local 2108 – $500
    • Communication Workers of America, Maryland DC State Council – $250
    • Sierra Club Maryland Chapter – $100

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports: https://campaignfinancemd.us/Public/ViewFiledReports
I am planning on a lot more reports in the coming days…so stay tuned.
Scott E