Campaign Finance Numbers – Howard County Council District 5 – August 2018

On to the next evaluation…the race for Howard County Council District 5 has been somewhat interesting…or at least the Republican Primary was…but now we are on to the general election cycle…and I am betting this will also remain a race to watch here in Howard County. Here is a summary of the latest campaign finance numbers for both candidates (Yungmann and Williams):

So here are my observations with the latest numbers:


  • Spent a lot of funds…but was in a heated primary so no big shocker on that front.
  • Took in $2,500 in PAC money from Building Industry Howard Co., PAC Maryland on 6/28/18 but then returned those funds on 8/20/18 (this is why it is always good to read the full financial reports…or you miss items like this one).


  • Low spend rate and a nice overall money advantage…but did not have a primary opponent…so that may change going forward.
  • The most interesting item on the report was an “In-Kind Contribution” – specifically the one from DeVries, Lisa (Waverly Real Estate Group, LLC) listed as “Sales and Marketing” in the amount of $1,388.66. That is a pretty big in-kind contribution.

Other than the items noted above, there were no big shockers on these two reports. Williams has a sizable money advantage at the moment but Yungmann’s spend amount during the primary might give him a head start with voter outreach at the moment…there is plenty of time between now and November for both candidates…and I can’t wait to see what they do between now and then.

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:

I am planning on a lot more reports in the coming days…so stay tuned.

Scott E

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