On to the next evaluation…the race for Howard County Council District 2 has been somewhat quiet…but now that we are in to the general election cycle…maybe things will pick up a bit. Here is a summary of the latest campaign finance numbers for both candidates (Liao and Jones):

So here are my observations with the latest numbers:

  • Very little activity reported on the latest finance report.
  • No notable items of interest in this report.


  • Much more activity on his report than his opponent (raised and spent more money)
  • Has PAC money listed in “Contributions”
    • Howard County PAC of the Maryland Building Industry Association – $2,500
  • Erickson Living Management, LLC has been very kind to the campaign with “In Kind Contributions” – $487.32 on this report and a total of $1,487.32 over this campaign cycle. That is really nice of them…and notable on this report.

It is a long way to November and I am looking forward to watching both candidates campaign over the next couple of months.
Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:
I am planning on a lot more reports in the coming days…so stay tuned.
Scott E