I am still reading through some of the finance reports and thought I would take a minute and write up the Maryland State Senate race in District 9 (Bates vs Hester). Here are the summary numbers in the latest report:

So here are my observations with the latest numbers:

  • Spent a lot of money in this last report – but was in a difficult primary and that had a lot to do with that spending.
  • At one time held a significant money advantage…that is now gone.
  • Has some PAC money listed as Contributions:
    • Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association PAC – $250


  • Raised more than $70,000 – wow that is a lot of money…and now holds the money advantage in this race.
  • Over $49,000 came from “Contributions” – that is a big number!!!
  • Took in cash ($3,700) from currently elected officials and other campaigns…here are the ones that caught my attention: (this is not the full list)
    • Maryland State Senator Kasemeyer – $2,000
    • Alex Ross (candidate for Governor) – $250
    • Maryland State Delegate Turner – $250
  • Took money from Maryland PACs ($13,500)
    • AFL-CIO Progressive Action Committee, D.C. MD State PAC – $500
    • Associaton For Justice PAC, The Maryland – $6,000
    • League Of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee, Md – $500
    • MSEA’s Fund For Children And Public Education PAC – $500
    • Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 486 PAC – $6,000
  • Took money From Non- Federal Out of State PACs ($4,500)
    • Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees Laborers PAC – $2,000
    • MD/DC State Council SEIU – $2,000
    • Win Back Your State PAC – $500

I have to admit that with the money situation in this race…it becomes even more interesting to me.
Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:   https://campaignfinancemd.us/Public/ViewFiledReports
I am planning on a lot more reports in the coming days…so stay tuned.
Scott E