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Look…I know many of my readers are not fans of President Trump….and his tweets are annoying to just about all of us at this point…and he has been attacking the media since the Presidential Primary he ran in (and won)…and for many of his supporters…the term Fake News has stuck…and that annoyed a lot of other people….people that believe in the news and the reporters providing the news…and then you see tweets like the one above.
Before today I had never heard of Jayne Miller. Apparently (according to her Twitter profile) she is an investigative reporter for WBAL:

Now look…the first amendment exists and Jayne is allowed to have and express whatever views she wishes…that is one of the great things about America…but I find it odd on your “Investigative Reporter WBAL-TV” account you would send out this tweet. You have the right…sure…but I kind of feel there was not much investigation going on with this tweet in the remarks made with that photo. This is the stuff that Trump supporters look at and go…look…”FAKE NEWS”….and you just served it up to them.
There were a great many comments on this tweet…here is just one of them:

I feel pretty comfortable saying that President Trump will not see this tweet. I also feel comfortable writing that he will not see this blog post. But I also feel that at least some of his supporters will / have seen that tweet and this is the stuff that makes his silly comments stick.
I love the news. I hate the term “Fake News”. I understand the term “Opinionated News”….because depending on what TV station or what paper you read…that is what we have in America today…we have opinionated news….not actual news. That is ok…it is what it is. Sometimes it is just easier to go there than continue to fight it.
The point of this article is this…the next time you get upset when someone says “Fake News”…I will point to this…an Investigative Reporter from WBAL on her verified Twitter account sent out this tweet…while apparently doing no actual investigation into why the Italian flag was next to a Trump sign….and just making an observation based on what she believes that means.
Scott E