In what will be one of the most reported stories around Maryland today…Ben Jealous drops an f-bomb after asked if he identifies with the term ‘socialist’. Here is part of the story from The Washington Post:

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous clearly does not like being called a socialist.
On Wednesday, the former NAACP chief was asked at a news conference whether he identified with the term “socialist,” as his political opponent, Gov. Larry Hogan (R), has labeled him.
“Are you f—ing kidding me?” Jealous responded, visibly surprising some of the Democratic elected officials who had gathered to endorse him.

You can read the full story in the link above.
Here is a video clip of that part of the interview:

Delegate Ebersole seemed pretty shocked when Jealous said what he said:

I am betting this is not the story Jealous wanted circulating today. He did receive the endorsement of Congressman John Sarbanes, Delegate Eric Ebersole and Delegate (and State Senate candidate) Clarence Lam…as well as others today. I am guessing that was the story he wanted floating around on social media today.
Tomorrow is another day…this will not stay out there long…and then back to the normal campaign related stuff again for him and his team.
Scott E


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