I keep an eye on social media posts of elected officials and candidates for office and some recent photos have reminded me that the Board of Education race here in Howard County is not really non-partisan. Yes, the candidates run without a R or a D next to their names on the ballot…but you visit the booths and tents at community events, you visit party events and you see who is out and about taking photos with candidates and it reminds you that as much as we would like to believe this race is non-partisan…the optics do not tell that same story.
The two photos above are taken from public posts on Facebook (The one on the left from here (scroll through the album to see the actual photo), the one on the right from here)…wanted to provide links so that you can see where they came from for yourself…and give a plug to those sharing the photos.
How big a deal is this??? Not a big deal to me…I choose the person I think is best for office…not just focus on the persons party affiliation…but I know it is a big deal for others. Some of the comments I have read on social media this election cycle have been interesting and at times disturbing. The attacks have ramped up over the past two election cycles against some candidates because of their actual or perceived party affiliation. In 2020 when candidates start running by councilmanic district in Howard County…I wonder how that will change things? Will party affiliation be a major issue for candidates…even candidates running as “Non-Partisan” candidates for office? I am looking forward to watching the process play out in 2020 and beyond.
Scott E