Hey look…a non political post from Scott E…I am a big fan of NFL football and super excited that my second favorite team (The Tennessee Titans will always be my favorite) kicks off the 2018 preseason on Thursday night in the Hall of Fame game.
Now look…we will not see many starters in this game…but it will just be nice to see NFL football on TV. Since the World Cup ended…sports has been a bit of a bummer…and this just gears us all up for the upcoming season.
Things I will be watching on Thursday:

  • Lamar Jackson and RGIII…who will play better that night?
  • Will the #1 draft pick Hayden Hurst (TE, South Carolina) play…if so, for how long?
  • Hoping to see Crabtree and Brown (2 new WR’s picked up in free agency)…I think it is unlikely to see much of either player but I am holding out hope that we see them for a little bit.
  • The Ravens defense…how will they look on Thursday night

I am sure there are other things to keep an eye on during the game…and trust me I will be watching.
One little plug for a client and one of my favorite places around Columbia…Nottingham’s will have the game on the big screen and many TVs all around the establishment…with sound…so if you are looking for a location to watch the game…be sure to consider Nottingham’s.
Scott E