Democrats Continue To Endorse Larry Hogan For Governor in 2018

So Governor Hogan is now has more than 50 endorsements from Democrats…some currently in office and some who have left office…here is an announcement from yesterday:

50 Democratic Leaders Endorse Hogan

The Hogan for Governor campaign today released the following statements from current and former elected Democratic officials endorsing Governor Hogan for re-election. These twelve new endorsements, including the former Chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, sitting mayors of Berlin and Frostburg, the Dorchester County Council president, and former members of the Maryland General Assembly, highlight the strong support the governor is receiving from Democrats throughout the state. In total, the Hogan for Governor campaign has announced more than 50 Democratic endorsements.

While more than a month has passed since the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Ben Jealous continues to struggle unifying his own party around his candidacy and policy proposals. A growing number of Democrats are rejecting Jealous’ unworkable, unaffordable, and risky ideas by crossing party lines to endorse Governor Hogan.

Former Chairman Of The Senate Budget And Taxation Committee Laurence Levitan: “As a longtime Democrat, I’m proud to support Governor Hogan’s re-election. When he was elected, he promised to hold the line of taxes, invest in K-12 education, and bring jobs back to Maryland, and that’s exactly what he’s done.”

Former Baltimore County Delegate Donna Felling: “At a time when partisanship in DC is at an all-time high, Maryland has been tremendously served by having a bipartisan leader like Governor Larry Hogan leading our state. Governor Hogan has demonstrated time and again that he puts people over party, and I’m proud to do the same and endorse him for a second term.”

Former Washington County Delegate Paul Muldowney: ”Governor Hogan has made record investments for our classrooms and record investments to protect our environment. Because of the governor’s leadership, the quality of life for all Marylanders has improved. The governor has accomplished so much for the people of this state through strong and effective bipartisan leadership.”

Dorchester County Council President Ricky Travers: “I am extremely proud of Governor Hogan’s work for the Eastern Shore and rural Maryland. He’s always had Dorchester County’s back and it’s my honor to endorse him for reelection.”

Mayor Of Berlin Gee Williams: “From his record funding of K-12 education to his leadership in economic development in every region of our state, to his investment fixing Maryland’s crumbling roads and bridges, Governor Larry Hogan has spent the last four years working to better the lives of all Marylanders. We need this governor another four years to keep our state on the road of progress so many have worked so hard to achieve.”

Mayor Of Frostburg Robert Flanigan: “Pie-in-the-sky promises, and unaccountable policy proposals might work in Congress, but when Marylanders consider who will be governor for the next four years, they need a commonsense leader will a record of delivering on what he promises. Governor Hogan is that leader, and it’s why I’m honored to endorse him for reelection.”

Former Prince George’s County Council Chairman Floyd Wilson: “I have known Governor Hogan for over forty years, and I had the good fortune of working with his father when he was Prince George’s County Executive. Maryland under the governor has been a revitalized state, and I am honored to endorse him for reelection. Our great state cannot afford to change directions now.”

Former Cumberland City Councilman Nick Scarpelli: “Governor Hogan has been a great friend to Western Maryland and other often overlooked parts of our state, and he deserves another four year term to continue to build upon the progress Maryland has made under his leadership. Governor Hogan is a lifelong Marylander who puts our state’s common interests above party politics, and he has my enthusiastic support in this year’s election.”

Former Chestertown Mayor, Former Campaign Treasurer For Governor William Donald Schaefer Elmer Horsey: “Governor Hogan has proved to be a governor for all Marylanders. I fully support his re-election as he has worked hard to address the needs of all Marylanders in all parts of our state.”

President Of Hurlock Town Council Bishop Charles Cephas: “The governor and lieutenant governor have shown heart and compassion for the people Maryland which has not been shown before. They’ve kept their word, and have shown up.”

Middletown Burgess John Miller: “Under Governor Hogan’s leadership, our state is better off today, than it was four years ago. More jobs are being created, businesses are growing, and wages are rising. This is why I enthusiastically endorse Governor Hogan for re-election.”

Walkersville Burgess Chad Weddle: “As a Democrat, I have been impressed with Governor Hogan’s willingness to work with individuals across the aisle to reach solutions on issues Marylanders care about most. The governor’s bipartisan leadership is proof that when elected officials work together, positive outcomes for all of our constituents can be achieved.”

Prior to that announcement…this article came out from the Washington Post on July 27th:

Leggett not ready to endorse Jealous; some other Democrats are tepid

By Robert McCartney – July 27

Maryland gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous needs all the help he can get to unseat incumbent Gov. Larry Hogan (R), but he’s facing resistance from some fellow Democrats uneasy with his left-wing platform.

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett is declining to endorse Jealous for now because of concerns that Jealous’s positions on taxes, school funding and’s second headquarters would penalize Leggett’s constituents in the state’s most populous jurisdiction.

Long-serving Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert), an influential moderate, offered only tepid backing for Jealous while praising Hogan for “governing from the middle.”

Other top Maryland Democrats, while voicing strong support for Jealous, disagree with him on issues such as his support for state-based, single-payer health care. They include U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger and House Speaker Michael E. Busch (Anne Arundel), all of whom say they favor the goal of universal health care but question whether Maryland can afford it.

The wariness about Jealous illustrates a fissure between the party’s establishment wing and the restive, left-leaning faction that delivered Jealous’s triumph in the June 26 primary and also has been visible in statehouse and local elections.

Cardin, asked if Jealous was too far to the left, said, “I’m very comfortable with his vision for Maryland. Do I agree with all of [his positions]? No.”

Read the full article here:

How significant is this news…we will see. I think it matters and may show a trend of moderate Dems leaning towards Hogan over Jealous. It will be interesting to see where Independents fall this election…and voter turnout may ultimately decide this election. We are still a long way from November…but it is getting closer every day.

Stay tuned folks…

Scott E

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