Liz Walsh Comes Out Against Council Bill 54-2018 (CB 54-2018)

I came across this on social media and thought it worthy to write about…plus I had a little time before I get on the road today…So Liz Walsh has officially come out against CB 54-2018. Here is part of her statement from her website:

We haven’t done this before, and we wouldn’t if we didn’t think it was a big deal. Like almost-a-half-billion-dollars big deal. But, here goes:

Please call your current council reps—or you can email all of them at once at—and ask them to hold off on approving Council Bill 54, for now. If approved as is, the legislation would authorize the County Executive to enter into a thirty-year agreement for the design, construction, partial financing, operation, and maintenance of a new Circuit Courthouse on Bendix Road. Ask them to please give this bill more time for the careful analysis it deserves, including better informing the public about what’s at stake and why. A mere four business days will separate the only public hearing on this bill from the Council’s vote on its approval, now scheduled to take place Friday (tomorrow, 7/27) morning.

You can read the full statement and see a video here:

Now…let’s learn a little about the CB 54-2018 legislation:

AN ACT pursuant to Section 612 of the Howard County Charter, approving a multi-year Project Agreement
for the Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of the Howard County Circuit
Courthouse between Howard County, Maryland and a special purpose entity formed by EdgemoorStar
America Judicial Partners for the design, construction, partial financing, operation and
maintenance of a new Courthouse and related Parking Structure to be located on the Project Site
located at 9250 Judicial Way (formerly known as 9240 and 9250 Bendix Road) in Ellicott City;
authorizing the County Executive to enter into the Agreement and to make changes to the
Agreement before executing it, under certain conditions; and generally relating to a multi-year
agreement for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the Howard
County Circuit Courthouse.

Read the full legislation here:

Now here is what I find interesting about this…this bill was not a big issue on my radar…but it is now…because if Calvin, Jen and Mary Kay vote yes on this bill…then many of the Democratic party leaders in this county just ignored this candidate for County Council in Howard County and went the other way on this issue…and how does that play out between now and November. Now if they vote no…then Walsh is Golden on this issue. The bottom line is now this bill may be significant in how the party feels about not only this bill but also this candidate for office….only because this issue was made public by this candidate. I never understand why candidates jump into these situations…but it does happen from time to time and I love following it…because it helps shape an election season.

I do plan on reaching out to other candidates and getting their thoughts on this bill…and how they would vote…because I now think it would be interesting to get thoughts from other candidates running for office in 2018 on this topic…

Stay tuned folks…this bill is now on my radar and I will continue to follow its progress.

Scott E

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