2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidates by District – General Election

I wrote about the breakdown of candidates for Howard County Board of Education by district back in March of 2018…and it is one of my most popular posts this year so far…so I thought I would write an update to it this morning now that we are into the general election cycle. Here is a listing of the candidates by district:

It is also a good idea to look at where our current elected officials on the board are from:

Here is a summary breakdown of everyone above:

Bummed that no one in my district (district 3) will be on the board…but hopefully Pena gives it another go in 2020.

Remember….Everyone running this time is running at large…not by district…but also remember that the top 2 candidates with the most votes in the general election will get a 4 year term…and the candidates who get the 3rd and 4th most votes in the general election will get a 2 year term and will have to run for re-election by district in 2020. Read more about that here: CLICK HERE…but some basics are:

HB 1299 – 2017 recap:

In 2018: 4 seats are up for reelection. The two candidates that get the most votes will get 4 year terms. The candidates receiving the third and fourth most votes will get two year terms.

In 2020: 3 seats are up for reelection as well as two candidates from 2018 that received the third and fourth most votes (so 5 total seats). Each of these five seats will be elected by councilmanic districts in Howard County. Each winner of these seats will receive 4 year terms. Per the current legislation, each member is elected by county wide vote (this is what needs to be corrected before 2020 – each SHOULD be elected by district vote).

In 2022: Two seats are up for reelection. These are considered “At-Large” and both are elected by county wide vote.

In 2024: Five seats are up for reelection by councilmanic district.

OK…you get it now…that will be the rotation going forward…

I thought I would play the “What If” game this morning…what if the 2018 general election results match the 2018 primary election results…what will that mean for 2020? If the results are the same…the four candidates that would be elected are: Cutroneo, Glascock, Miller and Wu.

  • Cutroneo and Glascock would receive 4 year terms on the HoCoBOE.
  • Miller and Wu would receive 2 year terms on the HoCoBOE.

Now what this sets up for 2020 would be wild if this “What If” scenario happens…because we could see four elected officials running for one HoCoBOE seat in 2020. The match up for the district 4 seat could be: Coombs vs Ellis vs Miller vs Wu…with only one of those elected officials being elected in 2020. Of course this assumes that they all run for reelection and that none of them move before the election. This would also mean that we would possibly see at least 3 new members on the HoCoBOE after the 2020 election (district 2, district 3 and district 5 would all be new members). With the number of candidates from district 1…I would assume that Delmont-Small will also face a challenge in 2020…so that seat is not a lock to be safe in 2020.

Now I have no idea what may happen in the general election…but thought this was worth sharing as we watch candidates in this race between now and November…and what the results will mean in the future.

Scott E


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