Liz Walsh Wins Recount In Howard County Council District 1 Democratic Primary

The recount we had been waiting for happened yesterday and Liz Walsh is now officially the Democrat candidate for Howard County Council in District 1. Here is information from the Howard County Times yesterday:

Political newcomer Liz Walsh held on to her upset victory over incumbent Howard County Councilman Jon Weinstein in last month’s Democratic primary after a recount Wednesday.

Walsh gained two votes in the recount and Weinstein lost two, making the final tally 3,175 votes for Walsh and 3,169 for Weinstein.

The race was one of the closest in recent county history and will mean that the next five-member County Council, to be installed in December, will have all new members.

Walsh picked up a vote from a Centennial High School poll and a vote from early voting at the Bain Center.

Walsh said she was grateful to the Board of Elections for running a smooth recount, and said her focus is now on moving into the general election, when she’ll face Republican Raj Kathuria, who was unopposed in his party’s primary.

You can read the full article here:

Jon Weinstein released this statement yesterday afternoon:

I want to begin by thanking all my volunteers, supporters, and most importantly my family for their unwavering support throughout my term and during the incredibly and historically close primary election. Also, I could not have been as effective in my role without my incredible team – Gary, Jessie, and Roz – and the Council staff.

The election and recount process worked as designed, to count and confirm every vote, and the results show that I did not prevail in the primary. I have called Liz Walsh to offer my congratulations on her primary win.

There will be a proper time to reflect on this outcome, but for now my thoughts are for the future of District 1 and Howard County, especially Ellicott City’s recovery and rebuilding. There are many challenges and opportunities ahead for our County and its community and elected officials. My sincere hope, as it has been my intent throughout my term, that we can all work together to achieve the best outcomes for as many people as possible.

When I was sworn in on December 1, 2014, I shared the following John F. Kennedy quote from a 1958 speech he delivered in Baltimore. “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” I was elected to serve all the people in District 1 and used Kennedy’s wisdom to guide my actions throughout my term and will do so for the remainder. I’m hopeful that this approach, along with the civil and constructive dialogue it requires, is the basis for the actions of Howard County’s community members and our elected leaders during this election and in our daily interaction.

Serving District 1 and Howard County on the Council has been an amazing honor as has working with so many great people during my tenure. Thank you.

Liz Walsh posted this statement on Facebook late last night / early this morning:

Thank you Jon Weinstein – Howard County Council for your call earlier this afternoon, and for your kind words. And thank you for your service to District 1, especially old Ellicott City.

Love for our community is what drives so many of us into this very public space in the first place. Away from family and friends and a million other things that we love or ought to be doing… To seek out and do something more—that’s good and right and lasting—for this special, greater place we all call home… For all of us.

I am so, so honored and humbled to be your Democratic nominee for Howard County Council District 1. I am #WalshforOne. Together, this will be #OneforAll. ❤

This now gives us a showdown of Raj Kathuria (R) vs Liz Walsh (D) for Howard County Council in District 1…I will be breaking down this race and making a prediction in a soon to be written article…I was just waiting on this race to be official.

Scott E

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