Howard County Police Unions Endorse Allan Kittleman in 2018

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As seen on Howard County Police Officers Association, Police Supervisors’ Alliance FOP, and Sheriff’s FOP Endorse Allan Kittleman for County Executive in 2018 Election:

Today, the Howard County Police Officers Association, Police Supervisors’ Alliance FOP, and Sheriff’s FOP announced their endorsement of Allan Kittleman for County Executive in 2018.

Collectively, the three organizations represent nearly 500 law enforcement professionals in Howard County who work day in and day out to protect the citizens of the county.  Today’s announcement follows a November 2017 endorsement of Kittleman by the Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Union, Local 2000.

“County Executive Kittleman has been there for the men and women who protect Howard County’s people and property, and we want to be there for him.  He has shown himself to be the type of person we can count on. His leadership, ability to stay above politics, and be an independent thinker make Allan Kittleman the one we want in office for another 4 years,” said Chris Davis, President, Howard County Police Officers Association, Lodge 21.

“Leadership starts at the top and Co. Executive Kittleman has been a true leader for Howard County’s law enforcement.  The County Executive continues to support the police department’s efforts to reduce crime and to build partnerships with community leaders and its residents bridging the gap between the police and community,” said Jim Capone, President, Howard County Police Supervisors’ Alliance FOP Lodge 143.

“The initiatives that County Executive Kittleman has spearheaded have made big differences for our men and women in law enforcement.  County Executive Kittleman deserves our support. Law enforcement and all of Howard County can count on him to provide the leadership our residents deserve,” said Ed Simmons, President, Howard County Sheriff’s FOP Lodge 131.

As County Executive, Kittleman spearheaded the effort to create a public safety officers property tax credit that would provide a $2,500 annual property tax credit for public safety officers who reside in Howard County.

Kittleman also made it a priority to ensure funding to update Howard County Public Schools with numerous school security initiatives, including more police officers at high schools and middle schools.

Showing his commitment to fighting the opioid epidemic alongside the law enforcement community, Kittleman created a new Opioid Coordinator position that operates in the Howard County Police Department and works with officers in the department’s Vice and Narcotics Division and is responsible for tracking fatal and non-fatal overdoses, analyzing local addiction trends, and facilitating coordination among government agencies, health professionals and others.

Allan Kittleman was elected to serve as Howard County’s 9th County Executive and sworn into office on December 1st, 2014. Since taking office, the Kittleman Administration has earned high marks for turning around an inherited $16M budget deficit and closing with a $28M surplus just 24 months later through effective management and fiscal prudence.

In three years as County Executive, Kittleman has proven himself to be a moderate focused on improving the lives of families in Howard County. Kittleman has fought to create jobs, improve schools, and reduce traffic congestion in Howard County. Kittleman made rebuilding Ellicott City a priority after the floods of both 2016 and 2018, focused efforts on celebrating the County’s diversity, and turned Downtown Columbia into a reality, all in a fiscally prudent and open manner.

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There also is an article on the Howard County Times / Baltimore Sun about these endorsements:

These endorsements could be big for the current County Executive in the upcoming election. He also received the endorsement from Howard County Fire Fighters back in November 2017:

On the other side of this race, Calvin Ball has the endorsement of teachers:

Expect for many more endorsement announcements in this race…particularly later in the election cycle. I will continue to try and report out the big ones that could move the needle.

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