The numbers we have been waiting on have been released…provisional ballots have been counted and numbers have been released. There is really only one race that we are all following now…Howard County Council in District 1…here is where we stand today:

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  • So the vote count for today is….66 votes for Walsh, 33 votes for Weinstein.
  • Weinstein is now winning by 4 votes…WOW. Every vote really mattered in this race.
  • It is not over yet…additional absentee ballots are scheduled to be counted tomorrow and then the election certified. See the schedule here.
  • No matter the vote count tomorrow…this race is razor thin.
  • With a race this close…expect a recount. Here is a good article from The Seventh State about that topic:

Look for an update tomorrow when we have the actual pre-recount final numbers.
Here is the link to see all local Howard County numbers:  (note: the numbers have not been updated on this page as of this post..big thanks to Byron Macfarlane for sharing the photo above today so I could post the numbers in this article)…and just as I write this the numbers on that link are now updated…that figures.
Scott E