Primary Numbers Breakdown – Part 6 – 2018 Howard County Council District 3

There are no numbers to breakdown for the general election in District 3…Rigby won the primary and the GOP does not have a candidate…so this race is already over. I was wondering how GOP candidates have done in the past…so I pulled the numbers of general elections from 2006 – 2014…just to see if that tells me why we have no candidate in 2018. Here is what I found:


Comments: Terrasa won the general in 2006 with 62% of the vote in District 3.


Comments: Terrasa won the general in 2010 with over 67% of the vote in District 3.


Comments: Terrasa ran unopposed in the primary or general in 2014…after two BIG wins this was not a big shocker.

2018 Primary:

Comments: Rigby got more that 55% in the primary and will run unopposed in the general…so congrats on being elected to the Howard county Council in 2018. I was very impressed with the final results for Hadgu and expect to see more of him in local politics in the future. I also expect to see Jennings and Hunt continue to stay very active in our community. Don’t count out a future run for office from any of the three that were not elected this time.

No GOP candidates in 2014 or 2018…will they try and do something in 2022 with this seat? This is something that the new local Republican Central Committee can start working on for the future.

I wish I had more to talk about with District 3 (because I live here)…but this race is over this district will go in my rear view mirror for a while as I focus on some other competitive races in Howard County.

I will be breaking down additional numbers in other races in the following days / weeks. So stay tuned and look for more data soon. I have much to process and report out on for a while…and more early predictions to provide.

Scott E

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