This is my fourth post in this series…and while I started writing this post similar to the other three…I thought I would take a different approach and look at this race from the aspect of the power of the Apple Ballot (endorsement from the Howard County Teachers Association). Worry not…I will provide links with plenty of past voting data.
I am going to look at candidates endorsed by the HCEA and their outcome in the primary and general elections from 2012 – 2018.
2012 endorsed candidates: Ann DeLacy, David Gertler and Jackie Scott- 3 seats up for election
2012 Primary Results: Ann DeLacy (2nd), Jackie Scott (4th) and David Gertler (5th)
2012 General Results: Ann DeLacy (2nd), David Gertler (5th – eliminated) and Jackie Scott (6th – eliminated)
Three candidates endorsed…all made it though the primary but only one elected in this election cycle.
2014 endorsed candidates: Bess Altwerger, Dr. Zaneb Beams, Dan Furman, and Cindy Vaillancourt  – 4 seats up for election
2014 Primary Results: Cindy Vaillancourt (1st), Bess Altwerger (3rd), Dan Furman (4th), Zaneb Beams (5th)
2014 General Results: Cindy Vaillancourt (1st), Bess Altwerger (3rd), Dan Furman (5th – eliminated), Zaneb Beams (6th – eliminated)
Four candidates endorsed…all made it through the primary but only two elected in this election cycle.
2016 endorsed candidates: Kirsten Coombs, Mavis Ellis and Christina Delmont-Small – 3 seats up for election
2016 Primary Results: Kirsten Coombs (1st), Christina Delmont-Small (2nd), Mavis Ellis (3rd)
2016 General Results: Kirsten Coombs (1st), Christina Delmont-Small (2nd), Mavis Ellis (3rd)
A clean sweep for the HCEA in 2016…three candidates endorsed and all three elected to the board in this election cycle.
2018 endorsed candidates: Robert Miller, Vicky Cutroneo and Bob Glascock – 4 seats up for election.
2018 Primary Results: Vicky Cutroneo (1st), Bob Glascock (2nd), Robert Miller (3rd).
The HCEA endorsed candidates are off to a good start not only making it through the 2018 primary but finishing in the top three spots. We are all waiting on the HCEA to endorse a fourth candidate. I spoke to the HCEA on a podcast about who they endorsed and why and asked the question about the fourth endorsement. You can listen to that interview here:
The HCEA has a perfect record on endorsed candidates making it through the primary (13 of 13 since 2012).
The HCEA endorsed candidates have a good (but not perfect) record of getting elected (6 of 10 since 2012…still waiting to see what happens in 2018).
I am betting five candidates will be reaching out to the HCEA to try and get that final endorsement in 2018. For those candidates not endorsed…worry not, the past has proven that you can be elected with out it.
I don’t have a prediction in this race yet…that will be coming later in this election cycle.
Scott E


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