So there are a few races where absentee and provisional ballots will / may play a big role in determining the final outcome. I want to share the upcoming schedule for counting of those ballots (Click Image to zoom in):

Important dates:

  • June 28th – Absentee Ballot Canvas 1
  • July 5th – Provisional Ballot Canvas
  • July 6th – Absentee Ballot Canvas 2
  • July 6th – Verification of vote count
  • July 6th – Certification of the Election.

Kate Magill reported today that there are “More than 1,500 absentee and provisional ballots remain to be tallied before election certification on July 6.“…so that could play a significant role in a few races…but the one most will have their eyes on will be Howard County Council – District 1.
Stay tuned folks…I will try and keep up with any changes as things move forward.
Scott E


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