This time you get four results for the price of is what happened yesterday in the Maryland State Delegate races in districts 9A, 9B, 12 and 13:

Comments: We get a showdown of Kittleman & Miller vs Bolen and Ziegler. Zeigler had a big turnout in that race…but now the work really begins.

Comments: We get a showdown of Flanagan vs Watson. The numbers indicate that this seat could flip…but I underestimated Flanagan 4 yours ago and not ready to make that same mistake just yet. This may be the most interesting Delegate race in Howard County this election cycle.

Comments: We get a showdown of Cockey, Harris Russell vs Ebersole, Feldmark and Hill. The numbers seem to favor the Dems in the District right now.

Comments: Yates will take on Team 13 (Atterbeary, Pendergrass and Terrasa). You have to believe that Team 13 will be a big favorite here.
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