2018 Primary Results – Howard County Republican Central Committee

I was not sure how this would end up last night…but here are the numbers:

The top nine include:

  • Candidates with 4,000 votes or more: Campbell, Myers, Sachs, Shields and Walsh
  • 6th was Mirabile (so we get lots more meme’s going forward)…wonder if they will start coming from the Central Committee?
  • 7th and 8 are: Eisenburg and Clark
  • And the final position goes to: Park
  • The shocker for me was that Oxenham did not make the final 9….but absentee and provision ballots keeps him in the race for right now…so don’t count him out yet.

There was an us vs them in this race with the Slate 6 group…and 5 of the 6 made it. So does the local GOP party need some unity building going into the general…maybe…I will continue to follow their activities and see what happens.

Scott E

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