This was an interesting primary that (in a way) split the party a bit with the HoCo Forward vs not HoCo Forward (or the Independent candidates). Here are the results:

12 candidates and 10 are elected…so the two left off were Sue Geckle and Jan Oliver. All of HoCo Forward was elected.
 18 candidates and 10 are elected…here is who won:

  • Top 5 candidates all got over 10,000+ votes: Bailey, Berkowitz, Eldridge, Lattimer and Rizvi.
  • Next 3 all got over 9,000 votes: Shah, Smith and Spann
  • The final two are: Moreno and Friedman

Stay tuned folks…this might not be over…11th was Ponnuri and absentee and provisional votes still keeps him in this race.
I am thrilled for my buddy Dhaval Shah…he so deserved to move forward and I am personally thrilled for him.

Post Updated – I have updated the text on this post. Yesterday I was both happy for the candidates I supported that won and upset that some candidates I like lost (not always the best mindset to write a blog post). Congratulations to all candidates that won!!! To those that did not win, running for office can be difficult and trying but hold your head high that you gave it a shot. Stay active in the community, never know what may come next.

Scott E