OK…a quick post on the results of the 2018 Primary in local Howard County races…at least with County Executive and County Council. Here are the numbers so far:

Comments: No shocker here…we get a Kittleman vs Ball matchup in November.

Comments: We get Kathuria vs…not sure yet. Jon and Liz are separated by 41 votes right now. We have to wait on provisional and absentee ballots (so maybe another week before we really know). I will say this…the GOP could not be happier than to see this result last night (and I am betting at least one other candidate is happy about this result so far…potentially more on that in a future post).

Comments: Jones vs Liao…who saw that coming…ha ha ha…just kidding.

Comments: Rigby winning was not a big shock…the final numbers were a surprise. I can’t wait to break them down further.

Comments: So we get Kim vs Jung…again not a surprise…and the MSEA folks that produced the negative mailers will be happy.

Comments: Yungmann vs Williams…the interesting thing here is the total number of votes cast (GOP vs Dem)…could make for an interesting general election.
I will have more numbers later today…so stay tuned.
Scott E


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