This story came out late yesterday…and promises to be an issue to watch all day long. As reported by

About 80,000 Maryland voters were not properly registered to vote in Tuesday’s primary election, officials announced on the eve of Election Day.

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Those darn computer glitches…always causing problems.
This is the important issue for me in this story: “Provisional ballots must be counted in Maryland elections, but they won’t be counted until July 5.“It’s important for everybody to know that the results released tomorrow night are for Election Day and early voting only,” said Margie Roher, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Board of Elections”. Meaning that if a race is really close…those 80,000 potential provisional ballots will come into play on the 5th…and there may be a number of races that we will not know the final outcome for a while.
Stay tuned today folks…I am betting this will be the story of the day…I will keep my eye on the news and report out what I am hearing (via social media).
Two final notes:

  1. Election day polling place look up:
  2. Election Night Results Watch Event in Howard County:

Go vote today!!!
Scott E