There are a variety of stories I have been following and just have not had the time to write them up in the form of a full blog post…but with primary election day only 48 hours away…I just thought I would add a post to capture some of the stuff happening before election day:

  1. A new video released in the Howard County Council District 5 race. I have seen the video myself. David Yungmann released a statement about it on Facebook. It does not appear to have direct ties to the Walsh campaign (no authority line nor has it been shared by the Walsh social media accounts). Expect this race to stayed heated until the primary is over.
  2. The mailer released by Alan Schneider caused a stir in the Maryland State Delegate District 9B race. Statements have been issued by Dan Medinger (see here), Courtney Watson (see here) and The Howard County Chapter of the Sierra Club (see here). I am hearing about additional fallout from this mailer and actions taken after the mailer was sent out…if I learn more…I may have an update in a future post.
  3. In a Baltimore Sun article “Bad-blood feud flares between progressives Valerie Ervin, Ben Jealous as Maryland governor’s race nears end” the back and forth between Jealous and Ervin continues. Will it make a significant difference…probably not…but even a small difference could be the thing that puts Baker over the top.
  4. In another Baltimore Sun article “Solicitation for campaign workers forwarded by principal on Howard public school email” the Wilde Lake High School principal made a mistake by forwarding a campaign related email. Everyone in government knows you are not allowed to do this (see bullet #4. Thanks to Robert Miller for the information). The key point in the article to me was this statement: “Receiving a campaign email on a school system email address is not against the system’s “Political Activities on School Properties” policy. However, forwarding such an email is prohibited, as it is categorized as “campaign literature or other information that endorses or advocates for a candidacy” and may not be disseminated using school system emails”…so this was bad on the principal…not the candidate or the campaign (Sigaty). The statement by Lam in the article seemed odd…but I don’t have the full context of it and maybe I am just reading it wrong.
  5. Maryland Matters writes about the Maryland State Senate Race in District 9: “Could a Veteran GOP Lawmaker Be in Trouble in Tuesday’s Primary?” There has been some interesting back and forth from supporters and other elected officials on social media about this race.
  6. Spartan Considerations writes up the following article: “Siddiqui Fatigue“. This was the second negative mailer from MSEA against Janet Siddiqui (candidate for Howard County Council in District 4). Do negative mailers actually work? We will find out.
  7. Watch the results come in on June 26th at Nottingham’s – I have put together an event to watch the results of the primary come in on Tuesday night. After the polls close, come out to Nottingham’s in Columbia. I will have my laptop connected the projector and big screen in the front of the establishment and will be hitting refresh all evening long. All are welcome.

That is all I have for you this morning…just some items I have seen and not had the time to write up full articles…still time for you to do your research before you go out and vote on Tuesday.
Scott E


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