Early voting is over…how did we do in Howard County? Here is a breakdown by voting locations by day:  (click on any of the images below to zoom in).

Almost 3,000 votes cast yesterday in Howard County…by far the best day for early voting. Here are the totals by voting location:

  • Ridgley Run: 2,141 (1.01%)
  • Bain: 5,212 (2.46%)
  • Miller: 5,867 (2.77%)
  • Fairgrounds: 609 (0.29%)
  • Total votes: 13,829 (6.59%)

Someone asked me yesterday what % I thought would vote early…and I said about 6.5%…I got that right.
Here is a breakdown county by county in Maryland:

Maryland state average voted at a rate of 6.17%…and Howard County beat that number as we hit over 6.5%.

  • In 2016: Howard early vote % was 9.00% (state average was 7.51%)
  • in 2014: Howard early vote % was 4.69% (state average was 4.17%)
  • in 2012: Howard early vote % was 3.24% (state average was 2.40%) – note: only 6 days of early voting in 2012

Here are some additional high level breakdowns…first by party:

Dems really came out to vote early (9.70% of eligible voters cast early votes). 889 Independent voters came out to vote early, this is more total votes cast in early voting in 2016 – 815 (you have to believe the HoCoBOE race brought a lot of them out).
Here are your numbers by County Council District:

Districts 4 and 1 had the big turnout numbers during early voting…District 3 was the lowest. I will be doing a further breakdown of these numbers in future posts.
Here are your numbers by Legislative District:

Ignore 10 and 11…that is not us here in Howard County. District 9B turnout is amazing (9.48%). District 12 turnout was good (7.02%). District 13 was the lowest (4.98%).
Folks seem to like the photos…so here are some from the final day of early voting at Ridgley, Bain and Miller:

I will have many more posts further breaking down the numbers over the next few days…so stay tuned:
I am getting all of my data from here (for those that want to do additional research):  https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/index.html
Scott E