Today is the last day of early voting…yesterday we saw the highest number of votes here in Howard County…here is the breakdown by voting location: (click on any of the images below to zoom in).

More than 2,000 votes cast yesterday…great numbers for us locally…and Miller still remains the place in the county to vote. Here is a breakdown by county:

So the state average yesterday was 0.95% (votes vs eligible voters) and Howard County ended up at 0.97%…so better than the state average…good job Howard County voters.
Today you get a breakdown by legislative district:


  • District 9B is rocking the vote…with 7.50% of voters voting early.
  • District 12 is do better than the county and state average with 6.54% of voters voting early.
  • District 9A is at 4.69%
  • District 13 is the lowest…3.84%…come on Team 13…get your followers out to vote!!!

I made it out to Bain Center yesterday and got these photos:

Only 5 days until the 26th…the BIG day we have all been waiting for….today we should see even higher number of voters…historically the final day is the best day for early voting,
Scott E