Early voting day 6 results are in…and Howard County voters once again came out in good numbers…here are total votes cast by voting location: (click on any of the images below to zoom in).

1,789 votes is the best day yet for Howard County. Miller was the best location again (which has been the case since day 2 of early voting). Here is the county by county breakdown:

The state average was 0.82% on day 6…Howard beat that with 0.84%. Almost 8,800 early votes cast so far…not bad. Here is a break down by council district:


  • District 4 leads all council districts with 5.26% of eligible voters casting votes.
  • District 1 is close with 5.20% of eligible voters casting votes.
  • District 3 has the lowest turnout of all of the council districts (3.24% of eligible voters casting votes). Four candidates running for County Council (on the Dem side) and turnout is this low…any of those candidates has a legit shot of winning this race…it will be all about which candidate is best at their GOTV efforts. I also have to think the Howard County Republicans are looking at these numbers and are wishing they ran someone in this race.

Here are a few pics from Ridgley Run on Day 6:

I may try and make it out to Bain today or tomorrow for one last day of early voting photos…I hope to se many of the candidates out and about.
Scott E