The early voting results are in for day 5…here is how we did in Howard County (click on any of the images below to zoom in).

So we had over 1,600 votes cast on Monday…that is the 2nd best day of early voting so far here in Howard County. Miller Library remains the most active of all locations. The fairgrounds remains the quiet location of of all voting centers. Here is a county by county breakdown:

The state average for day 5 was 0.77% (votes vs eligible voters) and that was the number for Howard County as well (per the chart above). After being below the state average on day 1, we had exceeded the state average numbers for 3 consecutive days and we matched it on day 5.
I am going to look at the breakdown by party (same as I did back on day 1) for your extra info of the morning:


  • Dems are outpacing GOP voters pretty significantly (4.76% vs 2.56%). This is not uncommon with early voting.
  • Independents are coming out to vote in this primary at a decent clip. In 5 days – 503 votes have been cast by “unaffiliated” voters (over the 8 days in 2014 – only 379 votes were cast and over the 8 days in 2016 – 815 votes were cast). Having already exceeded the 2014 numbers and a good chance of exceeding the 2016 numbers…this could play an interesting role in the HoCoBOE primary.

Day 5 photos of candidates and supporters at Miller Library can be found here:

I am hoping to make it out and about again today…might be around mid day before I make it out and about to one of the voting centers (either Ridgley Run or Bain) for more photos on day 6.
Scott E