The results for early voting day 3 came out late yesterday…so you get a post with day 3 and day 4 today…here are the numbers by location:

I was somewhat concerned after the first couple of days…but now Howard County has beat the state average 3 days in a row…and we really rocked the GOTV efforts on Saturday so I feel much better about turnout in the county now. Here are the state numbers by county:

As you can see in the chart above…the state average is 2.27% (votes vs eligible voters) and Howard now sits at 2.53%. Saturday was a great early voting day for us.
On day 1 I gave you a breakdown by party…on day 2 I gave you a breakdown by council district…on this report I am giving you a breakdown by legislative district:

Those are the daily number for districts 9A, 9B, 12 and 13…the totals are (votes vs eligible voters):

  • 9A: 2.01%
  • 9B: 3.66%
  • 12: 2.75%
  • 13: 1.85%

Folks in 9B are highly motivated (so far) and are really coming out to vote. Not a big shocker with a very competitive primary between Medinger and Watson. Folks in 12 are also coming out to vote at a decent clip…with that many candidates running for delegate and the race between Sigaty and Lam, I am not surprised at all. Now 9A and 13 are lagging a bit…but neither race is compelling enough at this point to bring out the vote. It is pretty easy to see who is going to win in both races (I believe).
Hopefully HoCoMD voters will keep it up this week and continue to rock the vote in 2018.
Scott E