I wrote a post recently about Yungmann responding on Facebook to some meme’s created against him and a supporter…and I just saw this from Jim Walsh (GOP candidate for Howard County Council in District 5) on his campaign Facebook page:

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:
My opponent photoshops himself into a stock photo to show the diversity of his support. One of my supporters calls him out on it, and I’m the bad guy.
A Board of Education candidate (who supports my opponent) makes a post critical of a certain developer. One of my supporters shares that post, pointing out that the developer in question supports my opponent. The Board of Education candidate claims she’s being attacked, that her post should not have been used without her knowledge and consent, blocks me from responding, and I’m the bad guy.

My opponent mails out an attack piece that misrepresents the role of the Board of Appeals in the zoning and development process. Either (1) he doesn’t understand the role of the Board of Appeals (not a good thing for a County Council member), or (2) he’s deliberately misstating the Board’s role (an even worse thing for a County Council member). But if I call him out on it, I’m the bad guy.
My opponent makes unsubstantiated claims about his expertise in finance and law, and attacks me for being a lawyer. And if I call him out on his claimed credentials, I’m the bad guy.
In the same attack piece in which my opponent touts his credentials in finance, he ignores my status as a CPA as well. Of course, if I call him out on it, I’m the bad guy.
Believe it or not, I have more examples where I could be the bad guy. But I prefer to keep discussing substantive issues. I’m willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and we won’t always agree, but you’ll know what I think without hearing just a bunch of platitudes and buzzwords.

Here is a screen shot of that post:

I am pretty sure the Board of Education candidate he is referring to is Vicky Cutroneo. I say that because I did see this public post yesterday:

I think we all had an inclination that this race would eventually heat up…and we seem to be seeing it during early voting.
The 26th is only eight days away…we may not be done with the back and forth just yet.
Stay tuned….
Scott E