Day 2 early voting numbers…still not stellar….but here they are:

The upside is that they remain better than 2014…but seriously folks here in HoCo are looking at them the wrong way. In 2014, we had no Primary for County Executive and only 1 competitive primary for County Council…with this many candidates for County Council…we should have much higher numbers. The numbers are seriously scary low to me…but maybe it is just me.
Here are the numbers for the state:

State average yesterday was 0.71% of eligible voters voted….we exceeded that with 0.76%. So we did better than we did on day 1. I am still not super impressed with the numbers.
Yesterday I gave you a breakdown of votes by party…today I am giving you a breakdown by Council District:

What this chart tells you is that folks in Council Districts 4 and 1 are voting at a decent pace….but the others are lagging a bit (or a lot). The worst being district 3 (my district). With 4 candidates running for County Council in district 3…how is this possible? Anyone now can win that race…and those that thought they had this race in the bag should be VERY concerned with these numbers. It is seriously wide open and all about GOTV efforts.
Here are some photos from Bain Center on day 2:

I will have more numbers for you tomorrow…no photos today or tomorrow…I am taking the weekend off…Fathers Day tomorrow makes this a weekend I get to chill.
Scott E