Day 1 early voting numbers are in…and we did better than I expected. Here is a breakdown by location:

Bain outpaced Miller yesterday in total votes cast…back to the way is was in 2014 and 2012. The Fairgrounds is new so I expected it to be the location with the least amount of early voters.
To give you some context…here are the day 1 numbers from previous years:

Basically we did a little better than 2014…(0.81% of eligible voters vs 0.70% of eligible voters in 2014)…but worse than 2016 (1.12%).
Here is a breakdown by county across the state:

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Talbot lead the way with 2.36% turnout…followed by Kent (1.93%) and Caroline (1.51%). The state average was 0.86%…Howard county is below that…not a good sign for us on day 1.
The last breakdown of the morning…here are the numbers by party:

Dems are early voting higher than GOP voters…but that has always been the case.
I will have more numbers as we move forward…with breakdowns by district coming in future daily reports.
Here are images from day 1 at Ridgley Run and Miller:

My plan is to swing by Bain today to get some photos…so keep an eye out for me…I will be there early.
I am getting all of my data from here (for those that want to do additional research):
Scott E