It is finally here…the first day of early voting in Maryland. Candidates have been campaigning, door knocking, phone banking, fund raising, creating and sending email blasts, attending forums, attending club meetings and a ton of other activities leading up to today.
Here is some helpful information:


Recommendation for candidates: Post on social media where you plan to be each day. That way supporters that want to vote for you know where you will be during early voting.
Recommendation for voters: Go vote early!!! There are almost no lines and the process is just much easier.
Some other notes:

  • Early voting is heaviest the first two days and the last two days of early voting. So today and tomorrow will be busy.
  • Bain Center and Miller Library are historically the two busiest locations.
  • We have a new location for early voting (the fairgrounds). I have no clue how busy that location will be this cycle.

I plan to make it out and about to get some photos of candidates and supporters at the various early voting locations. Today I am planning on swinging by Ridgley Run and maybe one other location (depending on how busy I am today). Each day I will try and take some time to hit at least one location.
I will be posting the early voting stats every morning (these come from the State Board of Elections website). I love tracking that data…and can be useful to candidates and voters.
The weather report for today is excellent:

Scott E