PFLAG 2018 School Board Candidates Meet & Greet – June 18th

Photo from Facebook

The final Howard County Board of Education forum / meet & greet will be hosted by PFLAG of Howard County on June 18th at 2:00pm. Here is information via their Facebook event:

Join us for an afternoon of engaging conversation with the members of the community who want to represent you on the Howard County Board of Education. Enjoy light refreshments and a friendly atmosphere!

Early voting runs from June 14th – June 21st…which means any HoCoBOE candidate that attends will be pulled away from meeting voters at the early voting locations for about 3 hours or so that day. I will be curious if all 11 candidates decide to attend or will they decide that meeting voters at the voting locations is a better way to spend that time. I have talked to a few candidates and they have all told me that they plan to attend the event on the 18th…but I have not talked to everyone yet.

Hopefully we will get some photos during the event…many in the community have been great posting photos of events. I am hoping to make it out to the early voting locations later this week and next week to get photos of candidates and their supporters.

Scott E

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