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This was just posted on Facebook by Willie Flowers:

Early Voting Starts on this Thursday, June 14th – June 21st. Vote Early and Get-Out-The-Vote in the Maryland Primary!
The following candidates won the HoCo NAACP Straw Poll. I’m happy to support them for the Board of Education.

This is a great endorsement for these four candidates…will it be enough to get them through the primary? We will know in 14 days.
There have been a lot of endorsements released for HoCoBOE…I will be very interested in watching to see how many of these organizations are working the polls in support of their candidates….handing out literature as voters approach. That could have a big influence in the various races…and I will do my best to visit the early voting centers and report back who I see out and about.
Don’t forget…one more meet and greet scheduled for the HoCoBOE candidates…on June 18th.
Scott E