Endorsements For Deb Jung

Yesterday I wrote about an endorsement for Janet Siddiqui and so I thought I would take a moment this morning (because I saw this photo on Facebook last night) and write about the endorsements her opponent (Deb Jung) has received up to this point. Here is the text posted along with the photo above:

I am so honored to receive such wonderful endorsements from so many elected officials and community organizations. Thank you for continued support!

This is a pretty significant list…endorsements include:

  • Liz Bobo (Howard County Executive from 1986 to 1990)
  • All current State Delegates in District 12
  • All current State Delegates in District 13
  • Current State Senators from District 12 and 13
  • The current Howard County Council Members from District 4 (the seat she is seeking) and District 3
  • HCEA and various other organizations and local clubs.

That is a pretty significant list of endorsements…is it enough for a victory for Howard County Council in District 4? Time will tell.

Scott E


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