I am actually a little surprised that it has taken this long for the GOP primary for Howard County Council in District 5 to turn ugly. Frank Mirabile published some images on Facebook recently “hitting” David Yungmann on some recent mailers. You can see and example of what he published and wrote above (screenshots taken from the David Yungmann for County Council Facebook page. Yungmann responded to those images and comments with the following statement:

People often ask me why I’m running for County Council. There are lots of reasons, but one is to make sure my community has effective representation. My opponent’s team finally revealed who they are this morning, as Jim Walsh’s close ally and campaign manager Frank Mirabile created and released these images. I’d say this is just a desperate move by a desperate campaign, but dishonesty, immaturity and personal attacks are what we’ve all come to expect from this gang. For much of the last year I excused Jim for the behavior of the people around him but I’ve given him all day to get his people under control and he has failed. Letting this stand indicates either approval or weakness and it ends now.

For the record: The photo in question is a stock photo used for background and anyone with common sense can see I’m not trying to be “in” the photo. Frank knows full well what my role was in the 2016 Board of Ed campaigns and fate of the superintendent. He was not asking me a question on my page, he was making a statement and trying to bait me into an argument which I chose to ignore. Flora Betro has been a tireless volunteer in our party and community, serving many non-profits and GOP causes, which neither Frank nor Jim would know since neither give much of themselves to the community. Flora is one of the kindest most generous people most of us know and the attack on her illustrates what these people are all about.
The next decade will present huge challenges to the county and we need serious adults to meet them. How in the world will these people get anyone else on the County Council to even consider a conservative point of view? No one takes them seriously for what are now obvious reasons. No District 5 resident or county Republican should want these people representing us or anywhere close to our county government.
I will do my very best to win this primary election, save us from this circus, and hold the party together enough to secure the re-election of our Republican County Executive and Governor who we are lucky to have in our dark blue county and state. And I will EFFECTIVELY represent our shared values on the County Council.

I understand that this is the type of “noise” that some people are not a fan of with my posts…but sometimes it is worth sharing what is happening in the world of social media and local politics. I have never been a fan of this type of stuff in politics..but locally it happens more often than we would all like…and generally from one or two sources.
Frank Mirabile is running for Howard County Republican Central Committee as part of Slate 6. I did not realize he was also the campaign manager for Jim Walsh. I no longer see what Frank Mirabile does online most of the time (I blocked him on Facebook a long time ago)…so I do not know the full extent of what he has posted in a while and only saw this because I follow / like all of the candidates pages.
I believe that this stuff hurts more than it helps…especially when people in the same party attack each other or their supporters during a primary election. This can energize the supporters of the candidate you are attacking…but also turn some of your own past allies against you. Here is an exchange seen on Frank Mirabile’s Facebook page (the post that he made public):

Carol Owen Loveless Oh Frank. Flora is my best friend and such a sweetheart. How could you possibly do this to her? She is innocent and has worked so hard for so long for so many good causes. This is just awful.

Carol Owen Loveless Frank Mirabile how would feel if someone did this to Tammy and your son? And how you say no knock on Flora when you chose this picture of her with Chris?

Frank Mirabile Carol Owen Loveless let’s just say this is not your fight and leave it at that.

Frank Mirabile Carol OwenLoveless not a knock on Flora…but the illusions and fabrications of Ox an Yung.

There are a great number of comments on the various posts on Facebook…if interested, go give them a look and you can decide who this hurts and who this helps in the upcoming election (Early Voting starts in 5 days).
Jim Walsh has not responded publicly on the post or on his campaign Facebook page as of this blog post. If he does publicly respond, I will try and add it to this blog post in the future.
Scott E


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