I found this on Facebook recently and thought I should report it…apparently Congressman Cummings has officially endorsed Janet Siddiqui for County Council in District 4:

Congressman Elijah Cummings endorses Janet Siddiqui for County Council.
Congressman Elijah Cummings is THE Democratic voice.
I am incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of Congressman Cummings, a nationally-recognized and revered leader, as well as the endorsement of our esteemed former County Executive and State Senator Jim Robey.
“Janet brings a wealth of expertise, leadership, and experience. I wholeheartedly endorse her for Howard County Council” -Congressman Cummings

Janet Siddiqui is in a primary challenge with Deb Jung and Ian Bradley Moller-Knudsen and the winner of that primary will take on Lisa Kim in the general election.
I checked out the social media accounts for Congressman Cummings (Facebook and Twitter) and did not see any posts about this endorsement…but I have to believe it is legit if the Siddiqui team posted it on their Facebook account. If someone has more information…please send it along to me.
Similar to my last post…this feels like an endorsement that is so late in the game that I am not sure it will move the needle significantly in the District 4 race. I also will be doing some additional research on this topic…so stay tuned.
Scott E



  1. Can’t help but wonder how large a donation the Siddiqui’s made to Congressman Cummings coffer?

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